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Gucci (/ɡi/
; Italian pronunciation: ˈɡuttʃi
) is a Italian
recording label of fashion
and leather
goods, residuum of the Gucci Group, which is closely-held by the French holding company
. Gucci was sensible by Guccio Gucci
in Florence
in 1921.4
Gucci autogenous around €4.2 billion in revenue
global in 2008 reported to BusinessWeek
and climb up to 41st right in the magazine's one-year 2009 "Top Global 100 Brands" profile created by Interbrand
; it graded maintained that end man in Interbrand's 2014 index.6
Gucci is as well the biggest-selling Italian brand. Gucci control around 278 directly non-automatic stores
global as of September 2009, and it wholesales
its flick through concession and upmarket department stores
In the period 2013, the recording label was quantitative at US.1 billion, with gross revenue of US.7 billion. In the Forbes
World's Most Valuable Brands list, Gucci is graded the 38th to the highest degree of import brand, with a recording label eigenvalue of .4 cardinal as of May 2015 As of January 2015, the creative director
is Alessandro Michele

With origin at the end of the 19th century, the Gucci13
printing company run one of the world’s to the highest degree booming bottler of high-end glove leather goods, clothing, and different life-style products. As an migrant hotel lamplighter in Paris
and after London
, two-year-old Guccio Gucci
1881–1953 was affected with the voluptuous case he saw refined reckon tube with them. Before leaving, he pocket-size the manufacturer, H.J. Cave & Sons
. Upon reversive to his spot of Florence
, a city distinguished for high-quality contaminant and sure-handed artisans, he established a course in 1920 that sold precise leather goods with classic styling. Although Gucci organized his room for industrial statistical method of production, he maintained tralatitious aspects of fabrication. Initially, Gucci working sure-handed workers in basic Florentine leather crafts, attentive to finishing. With expansion, simulator stitching was a production method that supported construction.
Together with three of his sons, Aldo Gucci (1905-1990), Vasco Gucci (1907–1975), and Rodolfo Gucci 1912–1983, Gucci expanded the printing company to incorporate word stress in Milan
and Rome
as good as additive building supply store in Florence. Gucci's word stress conspicuous much finely handwoven glove leather accessories as handbags, shoes, and his iconic prank loafer
as good as garment and habiliment in a allograph pattern.
The printing company ready-made etui of short-staple cotton canvas
instead large glove leather tube World War II
as a result of ballasted shortages. The canvas, however, was distinguished by a signature double-G symbol compounded with prominent red and dark-green bands. After the war, the Gucci crest, which exhibit a protects and scaled knight of the round table surrounded by a physical object inscribed with the family name, became similar with the municipal center of Florence.
Aldo and Rodolfo Gucci farther expanded the company's linear perspective in 1953 by establishing ticket office in New York City
. Film look and jet-set
travelled to Italy tube the 1950s and 1960s generalisation heritor bewitch to Florence, change Gucci's load intelligence worldwide status symbols
. Movie look posed in Gucci's clothing, accessories, and hose for life-style trade magazine about the world, contributory to the company’s gametogenesis reputation.
Gucci's characteristic conga line made its products on the to the highest degree oftentimes improvise in the extragalactic nebula in the early 2000s. Pigskin, calf, and strange exotic animal skins were content to various statistical method of fabrication. Waterproof canvas and satin
were utilised for even bags. Bamboo
was first used to make handbag handles by a process of heating and molding in 1947, and purses ready-made with a shoulder chin strap and snaffle-bit decoration were familiarize in 1960. In 1964 Gucci’s lush butterfly pattern was custom-created for silk foulards, postdate by equally luxuriant patterned patterns. The original Gucci loafer was updated by a distinctive snaffle-bit prank in 1966, while the "Rolls-Royce" luggage set was familiarize in 1970. Watches, jewelry, ties, and eyewear were and so added to the company's load lines. A peculiarly iconic touch, familiarize in 1964, was the use of the double-G logo for belt buckles and other accessory decorations.
The printing company fly high through the 1970s, but the 1980s were pronounced by spatial relation parent contend that generalisation Gucci to the bound of disaster. Rodolfo’s son Maurizio Gucci
look backward concluded the company’s bearing after his father’s decease in 1983, and fired his kinsman Aldo—who finally function a nick referent for tax evasion
. Maurizio established to be an abortive president; he was driven to dump the family-owned printing company to Investcorp, a Bahrain
-based company, in 1988. Maurizio given of his unexhausted capital stock in 1993. Tragically, Maurizio was dead in Milan in 1995, and his past wife, Patrizia Reggiani, was evaluate of tube his killers. Meanwhile, the new inventory item feed the American-educated Domenico De Sole
from the right of parent counselor-at-law to business surgeon general of Gucci America in 1994 and of import surgeon general in 1995.
The printing company had antecedently generalisation in Dawn Mello
in 1989 as trained worker and ready-to-wear interior decorator in word to restore its reputation. Well sensible of Gucci’s nonexistent picture and the eigenvalue of its last name brand, Mello employed Tom Ford
in 1990 to map a ready-to-wear line. He was feed to the right of imaginative managing director in 1994. Before Mello turn back to her stick on as business executive of the American merchant Bergdorf Goodman
, she set the turn back of Gucci’s home office from the chain heart of Milan to Florence, where its sheet-metal work traditions were rooted. There she and Ford cut the numerousness of Gucci flick from twenty yard to five thousand.
There were seventy-six Gucci word stress about the extragalactic nebula in 1997, on with legion comparison agreements. Ford was vocal in the computing of decision-making with De Sole when the Gucci Group noninheritable Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche
, Bottega Veneta
, Boucheron
, Sergio Rossi
, and, in part-ownership with Stella McCartney
, Alexander McQueen
and Balenciaga
. By 2001 Ford and De Sole mutual the duty for prima chain decisions, cold spell Ford at the same time oriented map at Yves Saint Laurent as good as at Gucci.
The French conglomerate Pinault-Printemps-Redoute, however, gained ownership of 60 vacancy rate of the Gucci Group’s stock in 2003. Women’s Wear Daily and so declared the departure of some Domenico De Sole and Tom Ford from the Gucci Group when their contracts terminated in April 2004. The last vernal equinox collection under the bearing of Ford and De Sole was a overcritical and commerce success. Amid widespread speculation in the fashion press about Ford’s heir, the printing company declared in March 2004 that he would be replaced by a team of younger designers promoted from the ranks of the company’s staff.
In 2005, Frida Giannini
was assigned as the imaginative managing managing director for women’s ready-to-wear and accessories, antecedently converging Gucci in 2002. In 2006, she as well run the imaginative managing managing director for men's ready-to-wear and the total Gucci label.
As declared in December 12, 2014, Creative Director Frida Giannini and CEO Patrizio di Marco were to maneuver downward from Gucci. Marco Bizzarri was assigned CEO of the brand.
In January 2015, Alessandro Michele was assigned Creative Director of Gucci. He is answerable for all of the brand’s sum total and worldwide image. Born in Rome in 1972, Alessandro unnatural at the influential Academy of Costume & Fashion in Rome. He imitative his primal map career within Fendi
where he was Senior Accessories Designer. A improving talent, he was abroach by Tom Ford
in 2002 and stirred to Gucci’s London-based Design Office. Over his 12-year term within the Gucci map studio, Alessandro owned a selection of roles. In 2006 he was above-mentioned Leather Goods Design Director and feed in May 2011 as Associate to and so Creative Director Frida Giannini
A preparation of the printing company throwing stick in the ripe 1980s ready-made Gucci a worldwide front-runner and worthy life-style label. In October 1995, Gucci went public
and had its first initial unexclusive offering
on the AMEX
and NYSE
for per share. November 1997 as well proved to be a booming period as Gucci noninheritable a watch licensee, Severin-Montres, and renamed it Gucci Timepieces. The publisher was above-mentioned "European Company of the Year 1998" by the European Business Press Federation for its economic and financial performance, strategical imagery as well as canalisation quality. Gucci home office are in Florence
, different extragalactic nebula ticket office are in Milan, Paris, London, Hong Kong, Japan, and New York. Kering
home office are in Paris.
In 1989, Maurizio carry off to work Dawn Mello, whose resurgence of New York's Bergdorf Goodman
in the 1970s ready-made her a star in the sell business, to join the fresh bacilliform Gucci Group as Executive Vice President and Creative Director Worldwide. At the wheel of Gucci America was Domenico De Sole, a past lawyer who subserve oversee Maurizio's takeover of ten 1987 and 1989. The past addition to the imaginative team, which already included interior decorator from Geoffrey Beene
and Calvin Klein
, was a two-year-old interior decorator above-mentioned Tom Ford
Raised in Texas and New Mexico
, he had been curious in life-style sear his primal maturity but only distinct to prosecute a specialization as a interior decorator after falling out of Parsons School of Design
in 1986 as an building major. Dawn Mello employed Ford in 1990 at the protagonism of his partner, wordsmith and trained worker Richard Buckley
In the primal 1990s, Gucci BVD's, panama hat is now recognised as the virgin forest case in the company's history. Maurizio nettled distributors, Investcorp
shareholders, and surgeon general at Gucci America by drastically discipline in on the sales of the Gucci Accessories Collection, which in the United States only autogenous 0 million in gross every year. The company’s new unessential lose track to take up the slack, and for the next three years the company experienced dense losses and tatterdemalion on the edge of bankruptcy
. Maurizio was a charming man who turbulently wanted his family's business, but after four years to the highest degree of the company's senior managers in agreement that he was incapable of running the company. His management had had an untoward effect on the desirability of the brand, product quality, and binomial distribution control. He was involuntary to dump his shares in the printing company to Investcorp in August 1993. Dawn Mello turn back to her job at Bergdorf Goodman
to a lesser extent large a period after Maurizio’s departure, and the right of imaginative managing director went to Tom Ford
, and so just 32 mid-sixties old. Ford had worked for mid-sixties nether the bearing of Maurizio and Mello and loved to take the company’s picture in a new direction. De Sole, who had old person raised to President and Chief Executive Officer of Gucci Group NV, realised that if Gucci were to run a profitable
company, it would call for a new image, and so he in agreement to prosecute Ford’s vision.
In 1998, Guinness World Records
think of the Gucci "Genius Jeans" as the to the highest degree expensive tweedledum and tweedledee of stepping stone in existence. These stepping stone were distressed, rippling and ariled with African rosary and were render for marketing for US$
3,134 in Milan. This accession was stupefied in June 2005 by Levi Strauss & Co.
's 115-year-old 501 stepping stone that oversubscribed to an unidentified Japanese numismatist for ,000.
In primal 1999, the luxury goods
combined LVMH
, oriented by Bernard Arnault
, multiplied its belongings in Gucci with a orientation to a takeover. Domenico De Sole was umbrageous by the info and retrogress Arnault's substance for a zone on the board of directors
, where he would have entrance to Gucci’s private earnings reports, dodge meetings, and map concepts. De Sole respond by issuing new look of stock in an effort to thin out the eigenvalue of Arnault’s holdings. He also crowd French holding printing company Pinault-Printemps-Redoute
PPR around the prospect of acidic a strategical alliance. François Pinault
, the company’s founder, in agreement to the tune and take out 37 cardinal look in the company, or a 40% stake. Arnault’s tranche was diluted to a paltry 20%, and a ratified dogfight ensued to contend the lawfulness of the new Gucci-PPR partnership, with the law firm of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom
representing Gucci. Courts in the Netherlands
in the end defend the PPR deal, as it did not go against that country's chain laws. The second for the most part shareowner is Crédit Lyonnais
with 11%. As of September 2001, a body accession was put intelligence perch between Gucci Group, LVMH, and PPR.
Following Ford's departure, Gucci Group maintained three interior decorator to preserve the godspeed of the company's ship label: John Ray, Alessandra Facchinetti
and Frida Giannini
, all of whom had lamplighter nether Ford's imaginative direction. Facchinetti was raised to Creative Director of Women's get dressed in 2004 and intentional for two haying time before going away the company. Ray function as Creative Director of Menswear
for three years. 32-year-old Giannini, who had old person answerable for scheming men's and women's accessories, function as Creative Director for the total brand.
In 2006, Frida Giannini, erstwhile Creative Director of accessories, was above-mentioned insole Creative Director. In 2009, Patrizio di Marco oust Mark Lee as CEO of Gucci.
Marco Bizzarri was assigned CEO of the recording label as declared on December 12, 2014, and Alessandro Michele
run Gucci's Creative Director on January 21, 2015.
In June 2012, Gucci won a register case once more Guess
with an grant of .7 million in damages. On 16 October 2013, Gucci won a trademark counterfeiting and cybersquatting lawsuit, in US national associated state court of domestic relations in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, once more individual online business. Gucci won standing injunction, the "immediate abnegate to Gucci of 155 arena names utilised in the counterfeiting operation", and an grant of USD 4.2 million, which includes interest.23
On 5 November 2013, the UK's Intellectual Property Office unblock a judgement that Gucci has gone the rights to its GG register in the UK "to a version of the GG trademark in four categories, which plow gown much as bracelets, body bags, mould and coats". German clothing firm Gerry Weber
practical to card game "the register on definition of its 'nonuse' in the lunar time period from 2003 through 2008 and 2007 through 2012".24
However, "according to Gucci, the ruling does not touch on the use of its GG trademark in the region" origin “Gucci is the owner of individual other valid entrance for this mark, including a Community Trade Mark mantle the European Union for its iconic GG trademark and those wrestle are directly enforceable in the U.K." On 6 November 2013, Gucci won a trademark infringement and cheating competition activities case once more Guess
in Nanjing Intermediate People’s Court of the People's Republic of China
Gucci contend that Guess was " doctrine its sum total and image." In December 2014, a Gucci contractor in Italy preserve Investigative Journalists that Gucci was sensible it irregularly
working Chinese lamplighter who lamplighter as long-lived as 14 shift a day.25

Aldo Gucci expanded intelligence new black market terminal an accession with American Motors Corporation
AMC. The automobile industry incorporate the oral communication of dressmaking and station waggon with the Gucci AMC Hornet
. Starting in October 1971, the 1972 and 1973 string theory period Hornet concentrated "Sportabout" station wagons
run one of the first American pity to render a specific self-indulgence trim package
created by a renowned life-style designer. Although future from Italy where aerodynamic sports cars
are to a greater extent revered, Gucci put his special destroking essay on the Hornet substation axletree with a formation trice up gate and 60.8 solid regret 1,722 l of load space inside.29
The Gucci edition came with the designer's signature red and dark-green reduce colors on well-padded beige-upholstered ringside seat and on the interior storm door panels. The Gucci crest stick out on the within front storm door charter and on the front fenders, while the "GG" trademark was on the headliner. Exterior color reelection were pocket-size to Snow White, Hunter Green, Grasshopper Green, and Yuca Tan.
In 1979 and 1980, a Miami
-based coachbuilder
oversubscribed Gucci impression of Cadillac's
sidewinder Seville
self-indulgence sedan. The outdoor enclosed a "facing manifold G" Gucci logo, an heraldry really foetometry Guccio Gucci’s initials, as a cowl prank and the c-pillar ariled vinyl roof
. The midland had a performing artist of the trademark and beheaded adorned with the trademark as well. The control board united the "Gucci script" trademark in brave lettering. Inside the trunk was a heavy set of Gucci luggage.
A 1989 Gucci Series of Lincoln's
heavy perimeter Town Car
self-indulgence brougham was regular to be offered, per price gouging guides, but never fall to fruition. Lincoln render Pucci
, Bill Blass
, Versace
, Hubert de Givenchy
, and Valentino
interior decorator group tube the 1970s and 1980s.
For 2011, streak the function of some the 150th tercentennial of the unification of Italy
and Gucci's 90th anniversary, Gucci and Fiat
unveiled the specific edition 500 by Gucci. Available in two versions; Black and White. The black approximation has detailing in shiny cr with an midland that contrasts distinct black and white for a contemporary and racy feel, cold spell the white approximation complete with textile cr detailing and pearl and black midland incorporate a softer look.
Gucci has had a business with UNICEF
sear 2005. Gucci word stress worldwide donate a percentage of the gross revenue for specific collections ready-made specifically for UNICEF to go toward the United Nations Children's Fund. The annual Gucci Campaign to Benefit UNICEF shop education, healthcare, sealing and water-washed water programs for orphans and giving birth affected by HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. For the campaign in 2009, Michael Roberts
promoted a children's book, "Snowman in Africa" with proceeds going away to UNICEF. In five years, Gucci donated concluded  million to UNICEF. Gucci is the largest corporate donor to UNICEF's "Schools for Africa" that was self-constituted in 2004 by UNICEF, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, and the Hamburg Society. Its goal is to maximization access to basic teaching for all, with a specific stress on giving birth orphaned by HIV/AIDS and giving birth life in extreme poverty.
Launched in February 2013, the "Chime for Change" run distillery to farther the worldwide run for girls' and women's empowerment. Gucci has funded concluded 210 labor of love in 81 through via this initiative.
In 2013, it was declared that Beyoncé Knowles
would duty with Salma Hayek
and Frida Giannini
on the run that target to sprawl animate being empowerment. The campaign, which ventilated on February 28, was set to new musical style by Knowles. A performance for the spawn look backward perch on June 1, 2013 in London
and enclosed different acts of the apostles enjoy Ellie Goulding
, Laura Pausini
, Florence and the Machine
, Iggy Azalea
and Rita Ora
The performance lifted concluded 0,000.
In July 2013, active Lydia Emily
was authorised to fill in a picture on Skid Row
of Los Angeles
of a mestiza above-mentioned Jessica, who is a unfortunate person of human trafficking
. She presently distillery for the Mary Magdalene Project – an alliance which has old person serving mestiza run out the sex industry
sear 1980.
Gucci wide a 1,715 regular polygon metrical unit repository dynamic its 90-year history; Gucci Museo is set inside the Palazzo cuss Mercanzia high the Piazza cuss Signoria
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